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Meet the Board

Alliance Soccer Club is a  not for profit soccer club run by a volunteer board.The LOUYAA/Alliance soccer board is currently comprised of 9 voting board members and a non voting commissioner. Our Board with their wide range of backgrounds and skill sets, assists in guiding the decision making process of our Maryland based club and helps to ensure that we remain true to our core values.

 All the board members are talented, enthusiastic, and determined individuals looking to help grow the soccer program. Their aim is to transform the club into a fun, developmental, and competitive program. We plan to expand the board with more driven individuals of the like. Our goal is to create an environment where both young and older soccer players can learn, grow, prosper, and continue to be challenged on a day-to-day basis. Along the way we hope they find a love for soccer, and enjoy all the opportunities afforded to them by playing this beautiful game.

Chad Causey

Director of Recreational Soccer

Brian O'Connor

Director At Large

Bill Brim

Director of Team Management

Illya Topovich

Director of Asset Management

Irina Davis

Director At Large

KristaLee Mellott

Director of Coaching

Brian Custer

Director of Academy Soccer

Racheal Gillebaard

Director of Finance