Caiden: Player - Age 9

Alliance means to me creating friendships, building trust and having fun whether you win or lose with your teammates. It also, means practicing your skills, enjoying your time and trying your hardest until the end. Alliance has shown me it's ok to be new to an area because I can meet new friends through sports.

Lilly: Player 

Alliance Soccer Club means so much to me!  Even though it is my first year with this wonderful team, I always look forward to our practices.  Our coaches help us improve because we always know there is room for improvement.  I have also enjoyed meeting new people and talking to people I already know.  And all my team members have one thing in common, we all love soccer!  Alliance Soccer bring all of us together and make us better as a person.  I cannot wait until next spring to join my soccer team again!  Thank you!

Ella: Player - O4

Alliance is like a family to me. I began playing for Alliance Soccer Club when I was about 11 years old. Ever since then I have learned to really love the sport of soccer. My coaches and teammates have always been supportive and loving. They always push me to come to every practice and give 110% effort. Alliance is a fun and happy environment to be around. Coaches and players are always positive and enjoy what they do. Without Alliance Soccer Club and the support and training they have given me; I would not be the soccer player I am today.

Kaity: Player - 06

There are many things that I like about being a member of Alliance Soccer Club. One of the most important lessons that I have learned from being on the Predators is how to set personal goals and to reach them. Our coaches work hard to help us recognize what our goals should be and to make a plan about reaching them. Another thing that I like about being part of the Predators team is how the coaches have worked with all of us so that we come together to play as a team. My teammates attend schools all over Frederick County, and the Alliance soccer program pulls all of us together so that the coaches can show us how successful we can be when we work together as a team. My teammates have become my friends and I feel like our team is one big family. One of the things I really enjoy is how Alliance gives the older kids the opportunity to pass on our love of playing soccer to the little kids in the program. Alliance has special events and training sessions where the older kids can encourage the younger players. Our team knows how to have fun together on and off the field through special events and team bonding activities. I am so thankful to be part of this program and especially to be part of the Predators.

Madi: Player - O4

Alliance is more than just a soccer club to me, before i joined alliance I was not confident in my skills and ability. Through my training with alliance I have a gained a confidence that translates to the soccer field all the time. My favorite thing about alliance is the family aspect, I love my team, my coaches, and all the parents. I am so grateful to be a part of Alliance.

Haley: Player - O4

This is my first year at Alliance soccer club, but I already feel like part of their family. Everyone was so welcoming and eager to start the beginning of another season. I have never been on a team with such a connection and bond. The coaches are very encouraging, supporting us while making sure the work gets done. I hope to continue to grow under the support of my coaches and teammates with Alliance.

Alllie: Player

As a player for Alliance Soccer Club, for about five years, I was fortunate to have coaches that were experienced and knowledgeable. They not only helped me to improve as a soccer player, but were great role models helping me become a more confident young woman. Now, as a college soccer player, I have had the opportunity to give back to the club by training young soccer players. I love how Alliance Soccer Club provides a variety of opportunities for all levels of players.


Clark: Parent

This is my daughter's first full season with Alliance. She is a HS freshman and we wanted a year round club after playing rec since U6. I can't begin to tell you how happy she has been since joining Alliance. The entire coaching team is knowledgeable and passionate. The level of instruction and conditioning she has received has made her a much better player in just a short time. Her teammates welcomed her with open arms and have continued to make it a great atmosphere to play in. I wished we had made this move years ago.

Irina: Parent

Love this club. It has been part of our family for nine years! Invaluable skills taught by an amazing group of coaches.

Dianna: Parent

My son has grown up in Alliance Soccer Club program. Through the years he has developed his skill through the training and guidance of his amazing coach and trainer. He was invited to play ODP in 2022 and was recruited at an ASC Disney tournament by a D1 college and will be heading off Fall 2023. 

Amber: Parent

My family has been part of Alliance Soccer Club since the beginning and we love it. Alliance is a soccer club like no other in the surrounding areas, they care about the players and the community. Alliance not only helps the players reach their goals, it also helps the players build strong bonds with teammates and learn how to give back to their community. If your looking for a club that can teach your child skills for life on and off the field, then Alliance Soccer Club is the right choice.