William “Bill” Brim – Director of Team Management


Bill is the proud father of three Alliance soccer players.  He has been an assistant coach or manager of at least one Alliance team since 2009.  He is a former high school soccer player and NCAA cross country runner and brings his love of sports to Alliance Soccer Club.


As Director of Team Management, Bill works with the travel team managers to ensure that every team is fully rostered, carded and ready to play in their respective leagues. Team managers play a crucial role in the development of the team and ensure team communication. Managers typically handle all the scheduling and carding for the team as well as coordinating all logistics for the coaches, players and families.  Bill’s goal is to develop a management cadre that work effectively together, provide teams with seamless management through the lifespan of the team and ensure teams and players the highest visibility for the future.


Bill works for the Department of Defense and is an Air Force veteran who hopes to highlight military and veteran families at Alliance and foster collaborations with veteran’s groups in the future.  If you are interested in volunteering as a team manager or would like to discuss ways to collaborate with Alliance please feel free to contact Bill any time.