Winners Every Day in June!

Soccer is hosting a lottery fundraiser with nightly winners being determined by the MD State Lottery Pick-3 evening drawing during the month of JUNE!
We appreciate your participation and support!

Each ticket costs $10 or Buy 3 for $25 – Every night there is a chance to win $50


For each ticket sold players will get a raffle ticket added to the basket drawing to be held at SOCCERFEST (the last day of games)

The team that sells the most tickets will win a pizza party after their games at SOCCERFEST

Sell 3 tickets win a Alliance Soccer Bracelet

Sell 10 tickets win an Alliance Soccer T-Shirt

Sell 20 Tickets win an Alliance Soccer T-Shirt and Soccer Ball

And more

Thank you again for your participation. Holding this annual fundraiser allows the club to keep tuitions low and growing the club with new exciting learning environments.

Here is the way the lottery works:

  • Tickets are sold for $10.00 each or 3 for $25
  • Each ticket has a 3-digit number
  • The Fundraiser runs for the entire month of JUNE (Monday – Sunday)
  • Nightly winners are determined by the MD Lottery Pick-3 Evening Drawing

Example: If the winning “Pick-3” number is 4-5-6, the person with that ticket No. 00456 wins (number must be in order)

  • Each ticket winner will receive $50 – sent by mail within 30 days of the close of the fundraiser.
  • Each ticket sold has 30 chances to win by matching any evening draw in the month.
  • Chance to win more than once exists
  • In order to win, ticket stubs must be filled out with contact information and returned. Ticket holder keeps the rest of the ticket with number and details.
  • If you would like additional tickets, please email

Please make checks payable to LOUYAA

Packages for each seller include tickets with a detachable ticket stub that needs to be returned with the raised funds. Be sure to write player name who sold the tickets on the back of the stubs to get credit towards prizes.

For more information or to order more tickets contact