LOUYAA Weather Related Policies and Guidelines In order to provide the safest environment for our families and those participating in an event with LOUYAA, the LOUYAA Board of Directors has created the below to assist you in, at a minimum, providing safety during weather conditions. If the described conditions are in effect, you are to evacuate the venue immediately and seek safety regardless of another organization’s or venue’s policies. At no time are you to make a decision for any LOUYAA participant that would contradict the policies and guidelines related to that weather condition. At any time you are permitted to evacuate or postpone an activity if you feel it is unsafe, even if the conditions have not been met.

LOUYAA Lightning Policy: At the first sound of thunder or when lightning is first detected within 10.0 miles of the venue, whichever comes first, play will be suspended immediately and all participants are to evacuate the venue and seek the best lightning-safe structure available* If lightning is seen and thunder is not heard, try to determine the distance** If there is evidence that lightning is within 10.0 miles, the same evacuation protocol is to be followed. In order to assist with determining the proximity of the lightning, it is advised that you use a “Smart Phone or Internet Connected Device”. If a device is unavailable, then you are to err on the side of caution and evacuate the venue and seek safety until you can positively confirm that lightning is not within 10.0 miles. All LOUYAA events ((regardless of location and outdoor venue) practices, games or activities)) must take a minimum 30 minute break, without additional lightning strikes within the 10.0 miles, in order to resume. If thunder or lightning is experienced during this period the 30 minute break begins again at that point. If the conditions persist, the decision to cancel the contest may be required. At that time, games will be resumed or rescheduled as per individual sport and league rules.

*Lightning Safe Structures *

• The best way to avoid harm from lightning is to be inside a safe structure during a thunderstorm.
• A safe structure is one that is fully enclosed with a roof, walls and a floor, and has plumbing or wiring.
• Take shelter inside of a vehicle if there is no enclosed facility available
• Unsafe structures include, but are not limited to: tents, patios, carports/picnic shelters, baseball dugouts, under trees, greenhouses, and sheds.
**Determine the Proximity of Lightning In order to be on a common operating platform, the recommended technology is the WeatherBug App. Download WeatherBug from your app store; available for FREE on Android and iOS devices. Use Spark feature to determine closest lightning strike distance and threat level. If you prefer a different application, choose one that will indicate your location and the proximity of lightning.

LOUYAA Weather Policy: In the event a Tornado Watch/Warning is in effect during the time and location that you are scheduled for an event or practice, the event or practice shall be postponed until such a time when the Tornado Watch has been lifted for that area. If the Tornado Watch/Warning is issued while participants are on the field, all participates are to evacuate the fields immediately and may return when the Watch/Warning is no longer in effect. In the event of a Severe Thunderstorm Warning, the LOUYAA event is to be postponed until that warning has been lifted from the area the venue resides in. LOUYAA Snow Policy: In the event a snow emergency is in effect for Frederick County, all LOUYAA events will follow the County and FCPS guidelines for the snow emergency plan. Please keep in mind that Frederick County or another county in a participating league or hosting an event may not be in the same conditions. The commissioners are responsible for communicating with events that are not hosted in Frederick County and to ensure that the safety of LOUYAA families is first and foremost.